Truly the finest in art and lifestyle. 

Our History

In the begining when we were setting up our home we sourced some handcrafted furniture from the best craftsmen in the world. It gave us a good feeling and changed our thinking. Then our friends wanted us to do some furniture sourcing for them. More friends came forward and thus a new business was born. 

Unique Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a unique ambience for our clients through our unique pieces of furniture. So we collect only furniture which are unique and we store only one piece or one set of it. The moment a customer buys that unique piece that style is gone forever, we do not source a similar piece again. Through this unique pholosophy implementted in our sourcing and selection process we create unique ambiences for our clients when they choose our furniture for their homes. 

World's Best

Our furniture is sourced from the best craftsmen in different countries across the globe. So our furnitrue are llinked to different cultures and civilisations in different parts of the world. The French beds, the Rococo style, the Ming dynasty chairs are a few typical examples. Our furniture styles also spans a time period of over 400 years. You will find contemporary and modern art styles along with the renaissance period styles. 

Beach Palace Showroom

Our showroom is the Beach Palace of the Travancore Royal Family with a history that goes back to over 200 years.