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  • Cool. Adipoli selection. Very nostalgic
    Actress Manju Pillai, 18.03.13, 6:10 am.

  • All the pieces are different. All are unique.
    K.Gopan, 07.02.13, 9.30 am.

  • Unique furniture. Have never seen something like this before.
    Fazana, 07.02.13, 10.00 am.

  • The best in craft i believe. Bought a gorgeous sofa.
    Anand Kumar, 08.02.13, 1.00 pm.

  • Visited the Beach palace. Picked up some bedroom furniture.
                           Linu Philip, 06.02.13, 3.30 pm .                   


  • An Exquisite store with an even better collection of items and furnitures. The feel of the entire store is very royal and homely. All the best for a wonderful future of the store.

    Vinay Kheterpal, Army, Chennai

Artistic lifestyle.

The spaces that you live in influences you and defines your successes. The ambience of your home sets the tone of your life. Our unique furniture can change the mood of your life forever. It helps you begin a new lifestyle.

World's Best.

One and only is not just a name, it is the truth. No two pieces of furniture are the same in our collection. Truly it's one and only. Sourced from the best craftsmen in different countries across the globe, the furniture gets you a unique perspecitve for your space.

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